Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Win a FREE tshirt from ME!!

I'm doing another giveaway - this time, it involves the Sneaky Cheap BNR! :)

What is the Sneaky Cheap BNR? Basically, it's a "Buy N Replace" involving many of the "Sneakers Notorious on Etsy for Attacking with Kindness."

How do you participate? It's very simple. Just go to this thread and buy something that is at least $3 before shipping from one of the shops on the list. When you do that, your shop replaces theirs on the list! Whichever shop has their name on the list the most by 3:30 EST/ 2:30 CST on Thursday, April 29th (which is right before a Sneak Attack!!) gets a FREE winners shirt from me!!

It's that easy!!

I haven't exactly decided yet what will go on the shirt, but it will have something to do with Sneaky Cheap. :) lol.

Come join in the fun!!

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