Monday, April 19, 2010

What I am coveting right now...

Yes, I know it is bad to covet. But lately I've had a small obsession with biking - namely, that I'm unable to join in with my husband when he hits the trails on his bike, because of my joint condition in my pelvis/hips/lower back.

However, I thought about it quite a bit two weeks ago when my hubs was out on a ride, and found what I was looking for: handcycles! Bikes that can be "driven" by pedaling your hands and arms rather than feet and legs. :)

But after many many hours of research, I have been disappointed to find that most handcycles cost as much as a cheap used car. Seriously.

I have one I'm watching on eBay right now - it has some parts missing so it would need some repairing and a tuneup, but still is the only thing anywhere near affordable, and it's still sitting at almost $700 once you add in shipping. Ouch.

But while I try to figure things out, here is one handcycle I'd like to share with you, and it is probably the bike of my dreams (I mean, I haven't ridden it, so I'm not sure if it is, but as far as I can tell I would love it):


For now I guess I'll focus on trying to sell more so I can save up for one of these beauties! :) Come help me out!

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  1. I really hope you can find what you're looking for without it costing you too much! biking is awesome!!