Friday, April 9, 2010

Favorites Friday!

I haven't posted some of my favorites lately, so I thought I would today! :) I have stumbled upon some truly fantastic shops and items lately... if I was a millionaire, I would buy from all of them!!

Check these out:

Ok, I seriously can't have them because I am allergic to both gluten and chocolate, but even my mouth waters when I see them!

I think this is really pretty:

I don't wear jewelry, but if I did it would probably be cute and original stuff like this.

These are a great idea:

My mom makes me scrubbies at least once per year, but has never put them on a spoon for me! I still might have to go buy a few of these...

As someone who cooks a lot, I think these are great:

They would be perfect for putting condiments in for our many BBQ's that we like to hold throughout the summer.

All I can say for this is "WOW":

Seriously... wow.

And lastly for today:

Because my mom is a teacher, so this is the kind of gift she could get some use out of! :) She's not a trinkets person and prefers more useful gifts.

Happy Shopping! :) If you buy from one of these shops, let them know that you found them here!! :)

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