Saturday, April 24, 2010

OK Dog Reunion, Hosted by Nebraska Humane Society and Nebraska Border Collie Rescue

Today we got to do something really wonderful - we got to attend a special reunion for all people who have fostered an OK Rescue Dog and all the OK dogs themselves!!

What is an OK Dog? It is a dog that was rescued from a large compound in Oklahoma!! You can read the full story and history at the Nebraska Border Collie Rescue website: , and you can also see pictures of the first few days after being rescued.

The reunion was held at Bone Jour, which is part of the Nebraska Humane Society. Many of the dogs and "their people" attended! :)

We fostered a sweet dog called Maida and her two brand new puppies Senga and Sorley back in Sept/Oct of 2009. We fostered for a little over a month, but then my back went out right when the puppies became due for adoption (seriously bad timing!). The puppies found forever homes right away (no surprise there), but Maida still needed some time so she ended up being fostered by a wonderful lady named Cordi who fosters for the Nebraska Border Collie rescue (she actually was the foster mom for our dog Finley before we adopted him!!).

Here are some pics of Maida and her puppies Sorley (black and white male) and Senga (red and white female):
And these last few are from right before we brought them back to the Nebraska Humane Society for adoption:

Today Maida came with her new owners, and she looked WONDERFUL!! Very healthy and happy, though a bit shy to be around so many people and dogs. We were hoping the puppies would make an appearance as well, but sadly they did not. We did find out that Senga's name got changed to "Ginger"... presumably because of her reddish coat... but no one knew where Sorley ended up or if he still had the same name.

Here are some pictures of Maida now:
That first pic is my fave, as she is holding Sally's paw and looks too adorable! :) hee hee

And here are some pictures of all the fun that was had during the reunion (we brought our dog Finley because we thought he might want to say hi to Maida - he did, but it lasted all of 3 seconds before he got distracted by all the wonderful Border Collie Rescue volunteers that he loved lol):

This first pic is our dog Finley, enjoying himself:
This sweet pup named "Anne" looked remarkably like what we think Senga probably looks like as a more grown-up puppy:

This sweet darling is deaf, but is well-trained to do tricks to hand signals:

And these are just some more pics of the fun:

Overall, it was a great time and we were really glad we got to go! Next time we probably won't bring Finley, since he wasn't an OK dog, but we can't wait to see the other OK dogs again. :) We are hoping that at the next reunion (which will be sometime in the fall) we will get to see the puppies! :)


  1. OMG! Borders are my favorite dogs of all time, and I so miss having one! Great pictures and what a wonderful organization. :) Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. oh my goodness, these dogs are adorable! i would be in heaven if i was there! i love the coloring of the deaf dog!

  3. I'm glad I could see the pics. Wish we could have been there! We adopted Cree and fostered Kelly and Kyna. Hope to see you in the fall!
    Cathy in MN

  4. Cathy - hope we can see you in the fall! :) Kyna was at the reunion and looked so happy. :)