Sunday, February 14, 2010

Trying NOT to fall in love...

with another house, that is. ;) I thought "love" would be an appropriate topic for Valentine's day, despite the fact that my hubs and I personally do not celebrate it (we think it's silly, we can buy each other cards or gifts any time, not just on an overpriced holiday).

My real estate agent is incredible, a great friend, and is sure she can get our house sold for us, but I'm still scared it won't sell. Next weekend we will be doing all the touch up paint and cleaning before taking the final pics to list it... SCARY! But in the meantime, she has been sending me links here and there of houses we could downgrade to (we are going to be getting a much cheaper house, we just can't afford what we pay right now).

Yesterday, she sent me a link to what could be "THE" house... it fit almost every criteria we had, and it was still cheaper, and wow wow wow... but, we haven't even listed our house yet, and by the time we list it and sell it that house might be gone! :( So I am trying hard not to fall in love with it. We can try to ask for a contingency (where they hold that house for us until our house sells, within a certain timeframe of couse) but 99% of sellers aren't interested in that.


In the meantime, I'm still hoping we can find a buyer for this house before we list it, so we can save a ton of money on fees, etc. I put up a post not long ago with pics, address, etc - please forward the info to anyone you know that might be interested in buying this house!!! :)

Thanks everyone... now it's off to work on cleaning and packing...

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