Saturday, February 6, 2010


It's amazing the things you can find when you are packing! :) We have been preparing the house for sale, which this week involves packing any "unnecessary" stuff up so that all that remains is the important things.

That being said, I have found so many more things I was planning on selling but never listed! I also found one item that I had listed previously, sold it, and then couldn't find it and had to refund the price back to the buyer! Talk about embarrassing. It had slid behind a file cabinet.

So, I suppose I'll be filling up my eBay and etsy with some of my destash and findings soon enough! I just hope it doesn't take away from my actual business, which is shirts, totes, onesies, mousepads, etc. ;)

But, a sale is a sale, and if I can sell this stuff, it is one less thing I have to pack!!!

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