Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Adventures in Gluten-Free Living: Take Two

Last night was my once-monthly gluten-free support group meeting at my local HyVee. I've made it to two meetings so far, so I am still a "newbie" when it comes to this sort of thing.

I love the information that I get, and it's nice to compare stories of gluten-free living.

However, last night was a little... annoying, for lack of a better term. There was a participant there who seemed to think she was the only person who could say whether or not something tasted good, what symptoms were "normal" for celiacs, and sort of butted in whenever she could. Her tastes were NOT the same as the group, as we quickly discovered through our taste test of some new cookie products the store was considering bringing in! The ones she loved the most the rest of us thought were disgusting. She also kept raving about a group of products that the rest of us couldn't stand.

There was also a gal that was very newly diagnosed - she was only diagnosed yesterday prior to the meeting - and her husband was totally obnoxious. Maybe a little drunk, though, so that could have contributed. ;) But he kept talking about things that didn't relate to gluten-free living, and kind of harassed his wife about what kind of lifestyle she would have to lead from now on (while he taunted that he would keep eating whatever he wanted right in front of her - not cool).

And our poor dietitian that was trying to lead the meeting seemed pretty annoyed at the lack of structure in the meeting.

Plus, the gals that I was hoping would be back from the last meeting (who knew a whole lot more about gluten free living) weren't able to make it to this meeting, so I walked away with a lot less information.

Overall, a disappointing experience. Especially considering the drive it is from our house to the HyVee, added to the blistering winds and occasional whiteout conditions.

But I know we'll hit up the next meeting again - if nothing else, for the free gluten-free foods we get to try. ;)

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