Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Why Facebook is My Enemy, and Open House

About two weeks ago, I tried to get into my Facebook account, only to find out it had been disabled.

"Disabled?!?" I wondered.

I clicked on the FAQ's link that was included, and read through the list. I had not violated any of the terms, and couldn't figure out what was going on. Per the instructions, I emailed Facebook.

After not hearing from them after several days, I emailed again.

As of today, still no response. I kinda feel like they may have just set up an email for fun that doesn't actually have anyone checking it! ;)

Because Facebook has helped me grow my business, I couldn't wait any longer for Facebook to contact me back (and actually, I'm assuming they probably won't).

So, I had to set up a new Facebook account. It really wasn't very fun, and then of course I had to try to remember who I had in my contacts from my previous account. That took quite a bit.

Now I am trying to work on getting back onto my Fan Page - thankfully, I had set up my husband as an admin so I still had some minimal access - and then eventually hopefully things will be back in order.

But right now, I can't help but be a little upset at Facebook. I had put off joining Facebook for many years, thinking it only to be some teenage attraction. When my hubs finally talked me into it, I got more and more comfortable and finally started getting somewhere with my account... and then they disabled it for no apparent reason.

What can you do?

In the meantime, I am just trying to catch up to a point where life is in order again.

On another note, because I barely have any contacts on my new Facebook account currently, I wanted to pass on the news that we are having another Open House on Sunday from 2pm - 4pm, 2405 Chandler Rd E, Bellevue, NE. We have also DROPPED THE PRICE TO $119,900!!!!!!

This house is a great deal and we hope we can find a buyer soon. Please pass on the word to anyone you know that may be interested! :)

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