Saturday, March 6, 2010


I apologize in advance that this posting may be hard to understand, but you'll soon understand why.

Recently I had an issue with eating something that had apparently been cross-contaminated with gluten. Being somewhat new to gluten-free living, and lacking any sort of brains at the moment, I decided since I was sick anyway (from the gluten) that I would go ahead and eat something that I knew full well was loaded with gluten.

Bad Idea. Really Really Bad Idea.

So, I spent the greater portion of this week running to the bathroom and suffering from terrible stomach cramps, mostly from my own doing (the cross-contamination by itself would have probably only made me sick for a day, maybe two).

I was finally feeling better on Wednesday, and decided I could handle running a shirt order out to my mom. My mom had been sick with a cold, but I figured no biggie because all I was doing was dropping off an order.

I spent maybe 15-20 minutes max at their house while dropping off the order and catching up.

Thursday, I noticed my nose kept running and I was a little tired, but figured it was probably allergies due to the weather changing and also some continued fatigue from the gluten issues.

Early Friday morning (1am), I woke up with a raging sore throat and continued to wake up off and on due to sweats, which I can only assume were from a fever.

Yep, I caught my mom's cold. Only 15-20 minutes of exposure max, and serious hand scrubbing once I got home... but I still caught it.

Now I am dealing with on again, off again fever, very bad sore throat, little voice, deep hacking cough, and lots of fatigue.

Dang my lack of an immune system!!!!! Here I was finally feeling better after my gluten nightmare, only to catch one of the nastier colds I've had this season. Yuck!!

So much for catching up on my work....

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