Friday, December 31, 2010

Like Making Jewelry?

Finally, a review of a website that is right up my alley! Through I was introduced to the following website:

I'm a huge artist and crafter - I've done everything from spin yarn to acrylic painting to metal etching and everything in between!! So this site is really awesome for someone like me (and I'm not gonna lie, it's tempting me to start yet another hobby lol). It contains everything you need to create photo jewelry and other photo items! That includes findings, adhesives, blanks, and so much more.

The company itself is headquartered in Michigan, where it is a family-run business. However, the company ships internationally and sells items worldwide! Their site includes great instructional videos to help any buyer learn the basics of using the supplies they purchase from the site to create their own photo jewelry. In addition, they offer an online chat feature so you can get customer service at an instant if you need it. If you sign up for their newsletter, you can receive special offers and discounts.

The site is extremely comprehensive - I didn't even realize all the different ways to make photo products!! My favorite part is that they offer home business kits for those of us who try to make a living at our small businesses -

Overall, I really recommend looking into this site if you love creating unique products or if you are looking for a supplemental home business idea!

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