Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fiverr and a Review - Got Bad Credit?

So, you all know that I love to introduce you to new ways you can make money online, or build your business for cheap/free. Recently I discovered the following site called Fiverr, and was blown away by how totally cool it is! :) I know that I will be using it to build my business, and I can pay for it by adding my own gigs that I will do for $5.

But this review isn't actually on Fiverr - I already had someone contact me to earn $5 for reviewing their business and giving it some love here on the blog! :)

Without further ado, I would like to introduce you to is a really neat company geared towards those who live in England, though I'm sure they get applicants from other places as well. It's a lending company that considers applicants who have bad credit (note: bad credit does not mean bad debt) and gives out loans to help them with what they need. It's a way for folks who maybe had problems in the past but are now doing fine to get a loan without having their bad credit get in the way.

As an example, when I first got married my credit score went down quite a bit due to my husband's bad credit. He was in the military, and had been missing credit card payments whenever he got sent overseas (which was often, because he was in satellite communications). Since then, we have been able to build up our credit quite a bit, but at first we had a hard time getting any kind of loan or financing due to the bad credit history. With Wonga, we probably would have been able to get a loan that we needed despite the previous history of bad credit!!

Cool, right?

So for any of you that are interested, here is the website one more time: .

Check them out today!


  1. I love Fiverr, too. Your blog is the first one I've seen the Fiverr sidebar widget on. But I buy lots of Fiverr gigs, and who knows, maybe we'll connect.

  2. I notice this gig on Fiverr special offers.

    @Charleen check it out. what do you think? Looks like a Fiverr killer to me.