Friday, September 24, 2010

TWO Featured HALF PRICE Items Today!!

Since I did not have a featured item yesterday in honor of the great 2 Year Sneakerversary (click here to learn more about it), I have two featured items today! One from each of my great Etsy shops.

Featured Item #1:

Featured Item #2:

What's this all about? Well, Java Jess Publishing is coming up on its official one year anniversary! It has been around a little longer than a year, but one year ago in September (on September 28th, to be exact) the owner Jess quit her day job to run Java Jess Publishing full time! To celebrate, we are offering ONE item per day at half price from today until our anniversary!!

Whoever purchases our featured item will also be featured in our anniversary blog should they desire - that means FREE advertising!! - and will have the opportunity to win a FREE Java Jess Publishing Tote Bag on our Anniversary!!

If you miss out on the featured item for the day, you can still find plenty of other items in our shop to purchase at regular price and your name will still be entered to win a FREE Java Jess Publishing Tote Bag on our Anniversary! :)

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