Saturday, September 25, 2010

Please help the Nebraska Border Collie Rescue!

Help the Nebraska Border Collie Rescue win a $10,000 grant!

Vote for them at and they could win $10,000 to help pets in need. Right now, they are ranked #4 in Nebraska - we'd like to move them up to #1 and then get them ranked nationally by December!!!

The Nebraska Border Collie Rescue is a nonprofit, all volunteer group based out of Bellevue, NE that rescues Border Collies from all over the region. They rescue Border Collies that are surrendered to shelters, picked up as strays, or relinquished by those who can no longer care for them. Because of space and funding limitations, most shelters euthanize these dogs if they are not adopted within a short time.

Border collies have an especially high rate of surrender due to their intense characteristics. They are very intelligent and often need more interaction and attention than other breeds.

Here are some of the sweeties the Nebraska Border Collie Rescue is currently trying to find homes for:





Not only does the Nebraska Border Collie Rescue save these dogs, but they also pay to spay or neuter them AND microchip them!! So they really need this prize money to help cover the costs of all the great work that they do.

The Nebraska Border Collie Rescue also has a program where you can "Foster to Adopt!" That means you can try fostering a Border Collie before making the final decision to adopt, to see if he or she is the right dog for you.

The Animal Rescue Site is a "Click to Give" website. You can click on a button to help fund food and care for animals. It's free, and only takes a second of your time. Click every day. A button is located on the Nebraska Border Collie Rescue website at:

My business, Java Jess Publishing, also has some items that donate money to the Nebraska Border Collie Rescue. For today only, ALL of them will be listed at half price!! :) Here are the links:

Please note that since these are listed at half price, there will be no white shirt discount. :) Thanks for supporting the Nebraska Border Collie Rescue!!


  1. P.S. If Bellevue didn't have a stupid limited pet policy, I would have adopted Cecilia in a HEARTBEAT!! Isn't she just gorgeous?

  2. Cecelia is my favorite! Good cause Jess...good luck! Shell