Sunday, July 25, 2010

Making Money with my Blog - I signed up for SocialSpark!


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So lately, between school and trying to run my small business, I've been having some serious brain block when it comes to blog posts! ;) I decided to do a little Googling to see if I could come up with a way to make my blog a better blog - better posts, better information, etc.

Along the way, I stumbled upon a site called SocialSpark, a blogging site that offers the chance to earn money for promoting certain companies and/or products. It looked interesting - a wide variety of different companies, some products to review, nothing too strange.

At first, I was pretty skeptical. I used to blog on a site that said something similar about paying me for blog posts - I don't even remember the name of the site now, because here is what happened: first, they only paid me pennies on every post, and it was all based off of referrals, comments and likes. So I could post the most brilliant piece of work I had ever done, and I might make a whopping 10 cents off of it. :( Plus, there was no guidance - you still had to come up with something to write about, and make it interesting enough that someone would actually come to read it. Needless to say, I got pretty tired of not really making any money for all the work I was doing, and I stopped writing. I may have had all of $5 or so in the account, but when I went back to it a few months later to figure out if there was a way to access the money, the site was no longer in existence. In other words, it didn't work, and the site couldn't even afford the few pennies it was offering the writers.

This site seems different. First of all, you don't get paid pennies or have to base everything off of how many people you can get to look at your posts. Some blog posts pay more, some pay less, but they all have decent pay rates and they are only based on the fact that you follow their "rules", which seem to be just a required minimum amount of words and maybe a link or two. The pay rates are all usually over $1, and I like that it isn't just some kind of open-ended assignments but actually specific reviews and things like that, so I don't just have to come up with things to write about all the time.

It was really easy to sign up, and I got approved pretty quickly - I think it only took a few days to hear back. That really makes me feel better about the site already, that they are screening people but not taking unnecessarily long times to get back to people.

This is my first post for them - if all goes well, I should be earning $5 just for this post! I'll let you know if I actually get the money or not - this seems totally legitimate, so I'm hoping for the best. :) I know it's only $5, but that is SO much better than just a few pennies, and it can add up a lot faster too!

If you want to know of another legitimate opportunity, check out my link to BigCrumbs on the right hand side of my blog. If you shop online like I do, then you'll appreciate this - you earn cash back on things that you would have already bought online! No gimmicks, just straight forward cash back. It can be paid directly into your PayPal account, and is really simple and easy. I've already earned over $20 in cash back, and all I've purchased is some pet supplies (that I would have bought anyway) and some promo items for my business (again, something I needed to buy anyway). My husband and I are getting ready to plan a small trip up to Chicago to visit my sister and go to a wedding, and we are thinking we might need a rental car - and through BigCrumbs, we could earn cash back on that! Ridiculous, but awesome. I know $20 is only $20, but for us any little bit helps.

Anyway, so if you don't want to wait to see how this all pans out for me, just go ahead and check out SocialSpark on your own today. :) You can sign up by clicking here. Or you can wait and see. Your choice.


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  1. Very interesting! Waiting to see how it turns out for you.