Thursday, July 22, 2010

Yarn Porn

As a small business owner, who is also working on obtaining a Master's Degree, how do I relax and unwind?

Put simply: Yarn Porn.

It's not nearly as dirty as it sounds, but it is probably my favorite part of the day! When I'm not busy creating tshirts or poring over hours of Business homework, I love to spend time doing yarny types of things. I crochet, I spin my own yarn using a drop spindle, and most importantly, I look at yarn porn on Etsy.

Yarn porn, simply put, is pictures and listings both for handmade yarns on Etsy, and for materials used in the spinning or crocheting of yarn. Etsy has THOUSANDS of options, and I could spend hours just looking through pages and pages of supplies and craftiness! :)

Yesterday, when I was having a particularly long day due to a raging fever accompanying my inner ear infections, I put together this really fun yarn porn treasury in all the colors of the rainbow.

Am I addicted? Maybe. But I feel like it's a healthy way to relax and keep myself motivated for the next day!!

What is your healthy obsession?

1 comment:

  1. Hello. My name is Lisa, and 'I' am an addict!

    Great treasury!