Monday, June 14, 2010

Hoppy Monday!!

I'm leading a GREAT Sneak Attack today, please come join in by clicking here.

Also, if you stop by the thread today, you'll be able to see our newest pet - a Giant Angora bunny named Alfie!

Alfie is a beautiful smokey gray, and is 10 months old. He was already in a home with both cats and dogs, so he hasn't been a problem to our other animals! In fact, so far we only had one "incident" when we opened to his cage to let him come out at his leisure and our cat Gypsy (by far the most nosy!) poked her head in to his cage. All he did was hop up to her to say hi, but she hissed I think mostly because she was startled. Otherwise, everyone has been getting along perfectly! The dog didn't even think twice - he probably thinks that Alfie is just another cat anyway, since Alfie is already about 8-9lbs or so!!

If any of you are in Nebraska, and have taken care of a rabbit before, I encourage you to stop by the Humane Society and consider adopting Alfie's former roommate Bandit, or one of the large litter of baby bunnies that just got dropped off yesterday (that appear to be Jersey Wooley's or maybe Netherland Dwarfs):

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