Wednesday, January 27, 2010

So close, yet so far away

Another post in one week - wow! ;) I'm feeling a little distracted today, so I thought I would blog about it before moving on to the thousands of other things I need to accomplish today.

I set a goal for myself this year of selling 365 items - one for every day of the year. With that in mind, my sales goal for this month was to sell 32 items - that's one extra, in case I fall behind on a different month! :)

Sales have been slow, but I have managed to get myself only 6 items away from my goal! However, now it feels like sales have stopped complete, and here I am trying everything I can think of to sell those last 6 items!!!!!! I tried going on Etsy chat and offering "Make me a deal", but had no takers. I also tried "free shipping"... again, no takers. I sent out a coupon earlier this month to my first 100 Etsy fans for 25% off any purchase until January 31st... and no one has bothered to use it. I posted it as my Facebook status both on my personal page and my business fan page... nothing.

I'm starting to lose hope that I will make those last 6 sales!!

Two factors may help me reach my goal:
1) I just finished up an order of 14 custom printed BDU shirts for a local Air Force squadron. The Ssgt was so impressed that she said she would be telling other Air Force squadrons about my work. So, maybe word will spread fast enough that I'll get a few orders that way.
2) Back in November, I made a batch of 10 tote bags for a local charity group to sell at a craft fair, and told them they could pay me once they sold. Well, the tote bags didn't sell at the craft fair, but they said they would hold on to them and pay for them once they hit the new year so they could give them as gifts to their volunteers. Here we are at January 27th, and still no payment for them. So, if they manage to pay me before the end of the month, I would easily reach my goal!

Other than that, I'm not sure what else to try! I put in bids on Etsy alchemy like it's going out of style... I advertise using Project Wonderful... lol sometimes I stretch myself so thin that I'm almost transparent! ;)

And then there is one last thing - the house that my husband and I desperately wanted to turn into a bed and breakfast is back on the market. It kills me that we can't afford it!!! It would be PERFECT for a bed and breakfast - so designed for it!! I have so many great ideas on how to make it the best, too... but the fact of the matter is that my hubs doesn't make much at his job, and Java Jess Publishing IS my job, so it's not any kind of regular income... so we just don't qualify to buy it, and even if we did, we couldn't afford the renovations and rezoning.

So, I listed my hard work and hours of longing business plan on Etsy. I've had it listed before and it didn't sell, but I thought it couldn't hurt to try again. What I could really use is an angel investor - someone who had the money and believed that I could truly turn that home into the masterpiece of a bed and breakfast that it was destined to become! ;)

Isn't that always the way it is? lol.

Ok, now that I have ranted, I need to actually accomplish more work... Thank you readers for listening!

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