Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Summer Lovin'

What do I love this summer? Well, I guess it's technically spring, but with 90 degree days it feels a lot like summer...

I love all the birds chirping that wake me up in the morning. They sing all day, too, as I've noticed now that I work from home and have a "corner office with a view"!

I love how when the sun hits my office at the end of the house, it reflects off the orange walls and gives a pretty glow to our entire hallway as if there were a light on.

I love how I find myself suddenly motivated to do things again... and then how suddenly distracted I get by other things.

I love how ice cream and fresh fruit begin to taste so much better.

I love that we begin to have family and friends back over again, to enjoy BBQ's and talk until the sun goes down.

I love walking around barefoot, even though I'm sure that it probably makes my podiatrist and orthopedic doctors cringe.

Life in chronic pain is not always easy, but sometimes I just have to remind myself of the things that I love.

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