Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Behind the Scenes: Adding Advancements

Part five of our Behind the Scenes series talks about how to keep your business moving forward, even when you have to start small and dream big.

As we are approaching our 2nd full month in business, we have already made some big steps forward. We've updated how we set our shipping prices by switching to Priority Mail Flat Rate from USPS (which, by the way, is really wonderful - check this out if you want more info and to get a free box starter set). We've created this blog here on Blogger in addition to the blog on our direct website. We've added new designs and a Facebook page, where we are currently working on attracting fans so we can give away FREE shirts.

However, business is always changing, and we know we need to keep moving in order to change with it. As we have been exploring many options, we have been excited to see all the different opportunities available for us.

So, you heard it here first - we hope to soon add a feature that will allow our customers to actually browse an online catalog that contains all of the different shirt options they could choose from to order in their special requests! This will include colors and sizes we don't keep in stock, as well as different styles not available from our website currently, such as sweatshirts or long sleeve tshirts.

Isn't technology great? What sorts of advances have you found for your business lately?

Jess Buike is the owner of Java Jess Publishing. To find out more about her business, check out her store here.

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