Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Behind the Scenes: Choices

Part three of our Behind the Scenes series discusses the importance of making the right decisions in your business.

As with life, business is full of choices. Not all are easy, but they all impact how you do business.

One of our most easy choices in doing this business was the choice to attend the Buy the Big O Show. We knew we could network, meet other businesses, scope the local competition, and even learn something by attending the free workshops. We were also hoping to find a local t-shirt wholesaler, but unfortunately that didn't happen. Overall, we were very happy with our day at the show!

Recently, I had developed a line of t-shirts that were a little... I can't really come up with a fitting term, so I'll say questionable. Though they were very humorous, they also came close to offensive and didn't really fit with our mission to focus on raising money for nonprofits and other organizations. They also didn't fit with our personal beliefs. Really, they were just a funny joke that we used to try to make money.

While money is VERY important to business, we decided that it wasn't as important as sticking with our morals and mission. So, we decided to remove them from our offerings.

Was that a good idea? While it may lose us money, we are feeling a lot more focused on our original intent and feel much more at peace. It wasn't an easy decision, but now that it is done I think we are both feeling a lot better.

Have you had to make an important business decision lately that might cost the business money but made you a better person? Share your comments here! :)

Jess Buike is the owner of Java Jess Publishing. To find out more about her business, check out her store here.

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